Hardwood Restoration & Resurfacing

Hardwood restoration | Carpet Your World

Is your hardwood flooring looking a little worse for wear?

While hardwood flooring can last for decades, it may need to be resurfaced or refinished to eliminate the effects of wear or address damaged or uneven surfaces. This can restore your flooring to its former glory and have it looking as good as new!

Hardwood refinishing | Carpet Your World

Hardwood Refinishing

is the process of sanding down the top layer of the floor and applying a fresh coat of stain or lacquer. It’s a simple job that serves to add a new shine to your floor. This procedure works well for floors with superficial scuffs and discolored areas, as long as the planks are all fairly even and smooth.

Hardwood resurfacing | Carpet Your World

Hardwood Resurfacing

is more complex and potentially involve the removal of old floorboards or the grinding down of uneven boards. Your floors may also require new nails to reinforce existing planks. Resurfacing is typically the way to go if your floors are noticeably warped or bent, water-damaged, or rotted out, or if you have any missing or cracked planks. Simply refinishing these sorts of floors will not result in any sort of visible improvements.

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